Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today I stepped out from the foyer of my building to walk down to the LRT and scuttle my way back to Bangsar when I came across a sight that you definately would not find in Canada.
A guy a in a black t-shirt and jeans carrying a full-on machine gun walking down the street. I find it alarming when I come across the common sight of security guys with these things in the doorway of expenisive stores, but this was more than I was ready for. I felt like running back to the building to put some concrete between myself and this alarming sight, but managed to keep my cool.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, that is freaky and weird to us canadians.... There was tonnes of that action in Egypt, and it spanned not just the security realm but the social realm as well. I can tell you there's nothing like celebrational gun-fire going off right over your head, from the truck (on a bumpy unpaved road) next to you!