Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another weekend in KL.

I am house sitting for Lu this weekend, which is more of a favour to me than her, given that I am living in an apartment so empty it doesn't even have a fridge. It has been a tough week having to eat out every meal and working late because I don't have much to come home to.
So this weekend I am relishing in all the great things about having a fully-stocked house to yourself. Doing some cooking, watching TV, listening to music and practicing cartwheels and handstands in the living room. (What, you don't do that?)
I am trying to take it easy because work is crazy with the meeting in Jakarta being up-scaled to include more people and my report from the FIGO conference due the following week.
That being said, I feel like should really be doing some transcribing for that now, since I don't have much else on the go, but I find it so terribly painful.
It is kind of the way of life here to take work home (not something I would normally do). It is easy to become overly focused and stressed about work when it needs to make up for all of the other things that might be missing in your life as an expat. Not to say that I don't have a social life, but I don't have the same network or familiar rhythm of days and weeks. There is also the NGO martyrdom phenomenon and accompanying guilt to contend with of course.
But as long as there is MTV and living room gymnastics I should be able to avoid this beast for a while longer.

I should mention that my housing issue has finally been resolved (although who knows when the next one will be as these kinds of things seem to shape my life!). After having resolved to move into the YWCA dorm for my last 3 months in Asia, I have been offered to move in with some other interns. This is what I was holding out for the whole time and so of course it didn't work out until I had made another plan. I will be leaving Bangsar for Brickfields on Monday or Tuesday. Brickfields is the same area that I work in, which will make life very easy indeed.

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