Thursday, October 19, 2006

Updates, lah

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This week, as much as things are better than they were, I feel like I am done. I have interesting work and I am meeting people and nothing is going wrong at all (aside from housing uncertainty), but I am tired. I don't really feel like learning a new language and understanding a new culture again. I left it all on the road in Vietnam (in running parlance) and now I am carrying on with an empty tank in terms of cultural adjustment. I need to keep reminding myself that I am here for only a short time and I should relish it.
In truth, here in KL with expats a-plenty I don'’t really have to adjust that much, but it feels lame just to live in a Western enclave and not actually get to know this place or the people.
Work is a pretty good opportunity to get to know some locals and I (along with the rest of the staff) have been invited to Deepavalli dinner at the ED's place this weekend, so that is pretty great.
Being at work has helped me to start understanding the Malaysian accent better, if not Bahasa Malayu it self. People seem to like to insert the sound "lah"” into their sentences here. An example might be "You don'’t need to heat the nasi goreng, lah, it is already hot, lah."”

Also, does anyone have any good resources on participatory project evaluation?

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Laura said...

A good source would be Linda Smiths - Indigenous Research Methodology as she talks a lot about paticipatory methods. We actually have a great number of copies around the office - i will send you one if you want :)