Sunday, October 15, 2006


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As I mentioned on Flickr, Kuala Lumpur means "muddy confluence" of course referring to the two main rivers flowing through what is now KL. I have been thinking about that phrase a lot today, but less in terms of waters ways and more in terms of people.
Malaysia is a confluence of three main cultures, Malay, Chinese and Indian...although I wouldn't describe their relationship muddy. It seems there is a high level of tolerance for others but not much mixing.
The expats scene, so far feels much muddier to me. The people I have gotten to know are from South America, Australia and Europe for the most part (with a few Canadians and Africans thrown in) and one humorous aspect of this mix for me is that I never know how to greet people. It seems there has been a compromise established where people generally give a kiss on each cheek. But with people like me coming from more of a hugging culture, and others who go for three kisses, or those who are more up for a handshake, some interesting interchanges take place. I have found myself shaking hands, giving a hug and kissing someone's cheek all at the same time. I am so not smooth and cosmopolitan with all of this!

In other news, I have joined a gym here...and not just any gym but the super-duper ultra-swish Jackie Chan California Fitness gym! There are huge posters of Jackie Chan doing handstands and lifting weights, inspiring you to push your self to become a martial arts super star! There is a wall display of JC's accomplishments and accolades. It is pretty hilarious, but they gave me a good deal, it is in a good location and Michelle has a membership there as well. We ran on the treadmill on Friday and it was the first time I have run since I left Canada. Today I went to a really excellent yoga class there as well. An Indian practice taught by Chinese instructor to Malay and Chinese class (except for me, the random foreigner).

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