Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just a quick note to address some of the questions I have recieved about work and why I have not been writing about it.
I still have not really started my job. The training session that we were supposed to do was cancelled and the office that I will hopefully be working in is waiting for funding from my hosting organization before they fully take me on. I have attended a few meetings since I have been in Tra Vinh and I have met with my counterpart Quyen to make plans, but no real action has taken place yet.

It is difficult because having nothing to do is making the time creep slowly. I am trying to plan the research project that I was originally hired to do, which now I think I will try to do off the side of my desk (which right now is no problem because my desk is empty!) I am hopeful that my life here will take on some kind of rhythm and flow so that I can feel normal and productive again. I hope that being busy with work might help to off-set some of the difficult things about being here, but for now I just have to wait.

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