Friday, September 15, 2006

A quick update

HB Flo
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Ok things are kind of a mess still but they are a little clearer now. WUSC wants me to stay on but haven't really made it clear how anything will improve. The thought of going back into such a disorganized situation is really unappealing so I am hoping that the option of transferring works out.

It looks like it will be to Kuala Lumpur because the organization is in better situation to recieve me than the one in Chiang Mai. After being in Hoi An for the last couple of days, which is a bit of a backpacker town, I think I will be happier in KL. It is a big city, but I am used to that these days. I am still not sure that it will go ahead but it is likely and I may move by the end of the month.

My birthday was nice. Dave and Swee Lin took me to the ballet on Saturday night but they left the next morning, so I spent most of the day by myself. On a whim I decided to treat myself to a couple of Ao Dai, the beautiful traditional Vietnamese oufit. They are quite lovely and I hope I can figure out an appropriate occasion for them.
When I returned to my hotel after my final fitting, the hotel staff presented me with this bouquet of roses and note. Very sweet!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Florine! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you!


Laura said...

I that you got to go to Hoi An and get an outfit made! Keep us posted on your internship changes