Friday, August 04, 2006


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I think it is natural that when a person finds themselves in a very new context, it makes them think about where they come from.
This week that has certainly been the case for me. In part this is because many of the people I have met have never left the neighbourhoods they grew up in. I have been thinking a lot about what it would be like if I had never left Esquimalt. How would I be different than I am now? What would I have been doing there over the last 10 years? What if all of my friends had also only ever lived in Esquimalt and never expected to leave? What would it be like if someone from the other side of the world suddenly showed up?
I am trying to see myself more from the perspective of my hosts... I think some of them think I am crazy to have left my home, partner and job... maybe some of the readers of my blog think that too!! But anyway, I am learning so much all the time. It is almost painful really.


Rozee said...

Some of those guys who were at the 10 year reunion are a little bit like that. Grew up in in Esquimalt, all the friends are there, work there, etc. etc. Sure, they probably go downtown once in a while... But you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

How does the pirate boat relate to your 'roots'? Because you were stolen from Canada as part of a shipment of booty? Rooty-booty? Rootie-tootie-bootie? No wonder they never left their home - with their boats on land, it would be hard, hard, hard. Even the land of shoaling waters has better transportation opportunities - fer swiftsure.
(are clean or dirty jokes preferred out thur?)

Anonymous said...

arg Matey, it's Buccaneer Days, a fine Esquimalt tradition!