Saturday, July 22, 2006

It is so nice to have today to just chill out and I have finally found somewhere with WiFi so that I can get my dose of CBC 3 podcast. I have really missed that!
Having a bit of time to myself makes me feel a bit more normal again after the shock and stress of adjusting to a new environment. I have been hesitant to turn down any invitations from the other WUSC Canadians (Dave, Swee-Lin and Elaine) because I know I will very soon be yearning for some social contact! I have been quite spoiled by having these instant friends here in Hanoi who have shown me around and taken care of me quite a bit. We are all western Canadians with the other three coming from Alberta, so we have a similar vibe and sense of humour.
The weekend Dave and Swee-Lin went to Ha Long Bay for a kayaking adventure and invited me along but I didn't think that I should spend so much moolah on touring when I will need to put up 3 months of rent and possibly some furnishings when I get to Tra Vinh. Yes, that means that I am still in Hanoi. The plan for leaving keeps getting changed and it is unclear what is going on, but I think that I will leave this coming week... maybe Thursday.
Everyone keeps telling me that I will love it in the south, so I am really looking forward to going. Hanoi is a bit crazy with all of the traffic and disorganized bustle of life and I think living in a smaller town will be good for me. I am really going to need to get it together to learn some Vietnamese though as I have been spoiled in Hanoi where pretty much everyone speaks English.
This week Jonathan booked a flight to come and visit me in January. I am glad to have this to look forward to during what rough moments surely lay ahead in a small Vietnamese town in the middle of nowhere.
The director of WUSC was recently joking about me going "Apocalypse Now" in the Mekong jungle and I keep chuckling still about the thought of myself going AWOL and setting up some cult in the middle of the jungle. ee gad.

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Yiching Chua said...


Seems like you're having tons of fun in Hanoi. I know what you mean about getting your does of CBC...the internet network here is so slow and not consistent. I've only had a chance to read my CBC news weekly.

Anyway, have you started actually working yet? I've started already so I'm kinda doing my thing now on my own (which is really good. I need the distraction from thinking about home).

Well, good luck with your move to the South. I look forward to your blogs!