Friday, July 07, 2006

I have been here less than 24 hours and I already feel doubtful about the fate of this computer I put so much effort into procuring. This morning I opened opened it to find that a colony of tiny bugs had found it a rather hospitable environment. Panic ensued as I shook, squished and cursed these aspiring Mac inhabitants into hiding, at least for the time being. I think I have probably just forced them deeper into the workings of the machine. If the heat and humidity doesn’t kill this thing, the bugs will do their best to seal the deal. I probably should not have brought it! Already it seems that is true of most of my wardrobe also as the claims that the Vietnamese dress more formally than we do in Canada does not seem to be true at all, at least not in the heat of Hanoi summer. I am sweltering my long sleeve button-up shirts!


Anonymous said...

Bugs in your computer ! what a nightmare. I wish I was on my internship already bc it is totally boring here! Good Luck !


Lawren said...

That sounds bad, you need one of those hand cranked 100 dollar laptops you read so much about on the web these days.

Sorry I didn't make it to the big send off, I was in bed with imaginary bugs of a kind crawling all over me from the quitting smoking. I hope the computer holds out , if worst comes to worst you'll have to update from a web cafe there somewhere when you can? That would suck DUDE!

Yiching Chua said...

hey florine!

first off, thanks for the words of encouragement! secondly, eww..bugs everywhere! i hate bugs! it must really hot now in vietnam! in malaysia, i use to carry around a face towel so every hour or so, i can cool down! anyway, good luck with the heat and ants!


lauren said...

oh oh flo... why would living beings choose such an inorganic host? PLAnti theorizes skin oils from fingertips, i think it's because they like your company. i might live there too if i fit. instead, you'll find me through your computer, rather than in it!

I'll have to start a blogger account, hm, online journal.