Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am a bit of a wreck as I contemplate my journey tomorrow. At least I can look forward to being sent off in style by all of the beautiful First Nations art at the airport.
I have spent most of today trying to configure the wireless for my new (to me) ibook. For those Mac people out there, you may be aware how impossible it is to get an old airport card, so I bought this router that can act as a wireless card, in addition to its other capabilities. Anyway, trying to make non-apple hardware work on an old mac can be quite torturous and it has stolen my day from me. I am writing on it now, so I hope that the worst is past me.
Poor Jonathan has been quite neglected.
Last night I said good bye to most of my Vancouver people at the Kino cafe's Flamenco show. It went well, but noone knew eachother, so it was a little subdued. Nonetheless, I had a great time and I feel much more solid in heading off into the unknown knowing that I am so supported by both my Victoria and Vancouver people. I resolve to have more parties when I am back in Canada so all of you great people can get to know eachother better!

Think of me at three tomorrow and I will write from my stop over in Tokyo if I can.

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